Sleigh Bells Break Down “I Can Only Stare” On Song Exploder

Sleigh Bells’ “I Can Only Stare,” from the duo’s fourth studio album Jessica Rabbit, is a fist-to-your-chest synth ballad that finds vocalist Alexis Krauss embracing a more mellifluous wail than in the band’s more typically noisy compositions. It’s a cool track for them to choose to break down on the always excellent Song Exploder podcast, and in today’s episode, bandmates Krauss and Derek Miller discuss trying to “rip off” Johnny Marr, working together from their individual homes, and avoiding writing verses by calling songs interludes. There’s also a really fascinating section where Krauss discusses her background as a session singer and the emotions inherent in singing Miller’s lyrics for him that alone makes this episode worth your time. Listen to it below, and come check out the band at our SXSW showcase tonight if you happen to be in Austin.

Jessica Rabbit is out now via Omnian.