Donald Trump Impersonator Sues Joey Bada$$ For Shoving Him Offstage

It would seem that Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ has such strong feelings about Donald Trump that he’s taken them out on someone who is not actually Donald Trump. TMZ reports that Phillip Wilburn, a professional Trump impersonator, is suing Bada$$ for $1.5 million because Bada$$ pushed him offstage when the two did some sort of MTV event together last September.

At the event, which frankly looks fucking terrible, Bada$$ was up onstage with both Wilburn and a Hillary Clinton impersonator. From the fan-made video that TMZ posted, it looks like Bada$$ gently nudged Willburn, and he ended up in the crowd. It doesn’t look explosive or malicious. But Willburn claims that he’s already had to pay $1,000 in medical expenses and that he might need surgery, which could cost up to $25,000. He also says he suffered about $50,000 in lost profits. Here’s the video?

Did that look planned to you? It looked planned to me.

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