Metal Disney Is Out Today ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Metal Disney Is Out Today ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

First there was EDM Disney. And now Metal Disney is here. The officially-sanctioned recreation of Disney soundtrack classics into different styles of music isn’t a new concept, but metal Disney is maybe the most ridiculous of the bunch. Metal Disney was originally released in Japan last year, where it climbed close to the top of the charts, and now it’s being released stateside. It’s … pretty much what you’d expect.

Rolling Stone has a good feature about what goes into the making of a covers compilation like this, and it’s kind of interesting! For Metal Disney, a band called the D-Metal Stars was put together made up of metal musicians, including Obsession vocalist Mike Vescera (who fronts the group), former Ozzy Osbourne bassist Rudy Sarzo, and Obsession guitarist John Bruno and drummer BJ Zampa. “It’s all the stuff that I grew up on,” Vescera told Rolling Stone. “You would think the opposite, being hard rock guys or in that kind of field of music. But everybody loves it. It’s crazy.”

And so Metal Disney recreates Disney favorites like “A Whole New World,” “It’s A Small World,” “Beauty And The Beast,” “Under The Sea,” and more into Metallica-lite behemoths. It is what it is! You can stream it below if you’re curious.

Is this kvlt?

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