Juliana Hatfield – “Short-Fingered Man” Video

Juliana Hatfield – “Short-Fingered Man” Video

Juliana Hatfield’s upcoming album Pussycat was inspired by our current political climate. While lead single “Impossible Song” addressed “these contentious times” directly and “Wonder Why” took a more abstract approach, her new song “Short-Fingered Man” takes aim at the orange idiot-king in the middle of it all. Without ever mentioning Trump by name, it serves as a brutally effective takedown, building a surprisingly catchy chorus out of the refrain “Short-fingered man/ Can’t get her off.”

“For this video I shot a bunch of footage of myself in my hallway,” Hatfield says of the track’s accompany music video. “I love ’60s dancing so I did a bunch of that. Also I was thinking of early Jean Rollin vampire movies and of Alphaville (Godard), and those scenes near the end in which Anna Karina — and other residents of Alphaville — start to lose their equilibrium in the hallway and can’t keep themselves walking in a straight line. Caroline Jaecks took all of my footage and masterfully constructed a neat little narrative out of it that fits the song really well.”

The song gets in and out in just over two minutes, but unlike Trump, it’s enough to satisfy. Watch and listen below.

Tour dates:

04/22 New Haven, CT @ Café Nine
04/23 Cambridge, MA @ The Sinclair
04/24 Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle
04/25 Vienna, VA @ Jammin’ Java
04/26 New York, NY @ The Mercury Lounge
04/27 New York, NY @ The Mercury Lounge
04/29 Lakewood, Ohio @ Mahall’s
04/30 Columbus, OH @ Ace Of Cups
05/01 Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall

Pussycat is out 4/28 via American Laundromat Records. Pre-order it here.

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