Feist Samples Mastodon On New Album

Five years ago, Feist and Mastodon covered each other for a Record Store Day split single. And the association didn’t end there. Later this month, Feist will release Pleasure, her first album in six years. (We’ve posted the title track and the Jarvis Cocker collab “Century.”) And on one song from the new album, we will hear a few seconds of Mastodon.

As Pitchfork points out, the forthcoming Feist song “A Man Is Not His Song” ends with a brief snippet of “High Road,” a song from Mastodon’s 2014 album Once More ‘Round The Sun. Mastodon don’t play on the Feist song, and Feist’s song isn’t built around the Mastodon sample or anything. Instead, it’s a quick and jarring burst from that Mastodon song itself. Here’s how Feist herself explains it in her new Pitchfork interview:

I wanted a sonic representation of the feminine/masculine binary, and Mastodon is like a flamethrower of guy-sound and feeling. It felt right at the end of this observation that a man is not his song, and nothing is really what it purports to be. I know a lot of men, and a lot of them write songs, and I know the difference between what they are and what they sing. And it’s same for me—there is your pedestrian voice and your maker’s voice, and it just felt notable to observe that some people can be subsumed by the voice they’ve made, and others keep it in check.

Pleasure is out 4/28 on Interscope.

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