Guerilla Toss – “The String Game” Video

Earlier this week, Guerilla Toss shared “The String Game,” the shapeshifting first single from their new album, GT Ultra. The album is out on vinyl today — it’ll be released digitally on 6/23 — and to mark the occasion, the band is sharing a video for the song. It’s a physical-digital hybrid that uses animated ink painting and clay — it was created by Trllm and features drawings from the band’s Kassie Carlson. It’s a smudgy abstraction on the song’s lyrics, starting with a windshield wiper of grime and taking off into a melty whirlwind of brown and black dirt. Watch below.

GT ULTRA is out physically this today and digitally on 6/23 via DFA Records. Pre-order it here. They’re playing a record release show at Sunnyvale in Brooklyn on 6/24 – tickets available here.