Watch Travis Scott Do “Goosebumps” Live 15 Times In A Row, Like A Psycho

Last week, in order to break a record set by Jay Z and Kanye West, Travis Scott performed his Kendrick Lamar collab “Goosebumps14 times in a row during a show in Oklahoma City. But apparently, that wasn’t enough. Last night, Scott played Cleveland on his Birds Eye Tour, and he decided to break his own record, doing the song 15 times in a row. Scott evidently believes that this is a momentous enough achievement that he tweeted about leaving his clothes behind in Cleveland so that the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame to display them. This whole thing is clearly ridiculous, even if it should be noted that he was really only doing the hook, not the whole song. Still, this is apparently just something he’s doing now. If you’re going to see Travis Scott anytime soon, you should mentally prepare yourself to hear “Goosebumps,” like, 23 times in a row. Watch some fan-made video of the entirely arbitrary record being set below.

What a crowd! Imagine being that excited to hear the same song that many times!

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