Kesha Recorded Two New Songs With Eagles Of Death Metal

Back in 2013, hedonistic pop queen Kesha got together with the Flaming Lips to record Lip$ha, a full collaborative album. For reasons that presumably had something to do with Kesha’s allegedly-abusive label boss Dr. Luke, it never came out. But now Kesha has apparently recorded something with another shticky, way-out rock band, and maybe this time we’ll get a chance to hear it.

Eagles Of Death Metal guitarist Dave Catching just released a solo album, and during a recent Rolling Stone interview, he said that his band and Kesha had recorded a couple of tracks together: “She used to come to Eagles shows when she was 16. She was always a big fan. Then I remember we got back from Europe… And she was on every magazine cover when we landed from a tour. It was really amazing.”

Fingers crossed that the songs will actually get a chance to come out this time.