Young Thug Samples Bright Eyes’ “First Day Of My Life” On New Album

Today, Atlanta rap weirdo-king Young Thug released Beautiful Thugger Girls, which he’s called his “singing album,” which is kind of a meaningless distinction for someone who erases all boundaries between singing and rapping. But there are a few songs on the album that use acoustic guitars, and plenty of people are hearing a country-music influence, which is new. Also, the album includes one track, “Me Or Us,” which, as Pitchfork notes, samples the delicate acoustic guitar line of Bright Eyes’ heartfelt 2005 love song “First Day Of My Life.” Post Malone co-produced the track with Charlie Handsome and Rex Kudo, and maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that Post Malone is into Bright Eyes. Here, check it out:

Between Post Malone sampling “First Day Of My Life” for a Young Thug song and the time Mac Miller covered “Lua,” someone really needs to explore the connection between white rappers and Bright Eyes’ I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning. There’s something there!