Watch Foo Fighters Do Carpool Karaoke With James Corden

In retrospect, it was inevitable. Foo Fighters just came out with their new album Concrete And Gold, and they are both famous enough and corny enough to sit in a bigass passenger van with James Corden and do Carpool Karaoke. And before you ask: Yes, that does mean Corden makes rock faces. It means he headbangs and plays air drums and air guitar. It means Corden scream-sings “The Sky Is A Neighborhood,” not even having to fake the enthusiasm that might be a struggle for some of us. The session, which features all six Foos, includes a moment where Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins have a drum-off in a Guitar Center, and it does not feature Corden asking Pat Smear any Germs questions. You need to be prepared for these things. So, with all that said, the Foo Fighters’ edition of Carpool Karaoke is below.

Concrete And Gold is out now on Roswell/RCA.