HAIM – “Little Of Your Love” Video (Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)

On a sad, shitty morning like this one, we could probably all use a little pick-me-up, so here’s one. Paul Thomas Anderson, the great filmmaker, has let it be known that he’s a big fan of HAIM. Before their Something To Tell You album came out, he directed a video of them playing their song “Right Now” live-in-studio, and then he expanded that into a short film called Valentine. And now he’s made a music video for the band’s jumpy, giddy single “Little Of Your Love.” The clip finds the three sisters in a line-dancing bar with an ecstatic group of extras, and it might be the most purely joyous thing that Anderson has directed since the Boogie Nights opening sequence. It’s just awesome. Watch it below.

Something To Tell You is out now on Columbia. And if you need something else like that, their “Want You Back” video is also great.