Björk Interviews Björk

Björk’s new album, Utopia, comes out next month, and for W magazine, she took on the task of having to interview herself. She prefaces her questions with a disclaimer: “before i fell asleep last night i tried to think of some like normcore magaziney questions, but i didn’t feel too inspired, but maybe i should answer them, perhaps they are just a warm-up into some ice breakage later?” Most of what she asks herself falls squarely under new album promotional territory — about working with Arca, her obsession with flutes, her creative process — but it’s Björk so of course things get weird. Take this little aside:

i have to say at this point last night i got incredibly sleepy or i found it almost impossible to ask myself questions, it seemed so incredibly narcissistic and i got very quickly cabin fever in my own brain so i imagined asking random people i like questions, like if they were hypnotized and i could only ask them one question each but it would be the spot on one. i then wrote them down and then when i woke up, i’d forgotten them and then answered them like i’ve never heard them before.

It’s well worth a read if you’re interested in having some insight into this fantastic mind, and you can check out the whole interview here.

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