Baths – “Out” Video

Next month, bedroom-pop inner traveler Will Wiesenfeld will return with Romaplasm, a new album that he recorded under his Baths moniker. Today, Wiesenfeld has shared his video for the early single “Out,” and it is a deeply goofy piece of work. Wiesenfeld directed the video himself, and it’s a very homemade comedy skit about Wiesenfeld magically conjuring friends, clothes, and makeup so that he can go out that night. None of it makes any sense, and it’s a lot of fun. Of the video, Wiesenfeld says, “This video is inversely proportional to how seriously I take making music — meaning it’s profoundly dumb. I’m proud of it though. I think. I take music seriously, but I don’t take myself seriously at all, so I love to play with that duplicity online and in video work.” Check it out below.

Romaplasm is out 11/17 on Anticon.

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