Ducktails Albums Removed From Streaming Services

Select Ducktails releases have been removed from streaming services following the sexual misconduct allegations against former Real Estate member Matt Mondanile. Per Pitchfork, the takedowns were apparently the doing of The Orchard, a third-party independent music distribution company that is contracted to put music up on streaming services. The releases taken down from Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal include his Domino Records full-lengths, St. Catherine and The Flower Lane, as well as Jersey Devil, an album Mondanile self-released earlier this year. (That one is still available on Apple Music.) The only Ducktails releases that remain on streaming services are 2009’s Landscapes and a single from 2010, though much of Mondanile’s material (though not the Domino albums) is still available on his Bandcamp.

Earlier this year, PWR BTTM’s music was also removed from streaming services following a sexual assault allegation against one of their members.