Stream Kamaiyah’s Surprise Mixtape Before I Wake

For months now, we’ve been waiting for the Oakland rapper Kamaiyah to come out with her major-label debut Don’t Ever Get It Twisted, an album that was originally supposed to come out back in April. We’re still waiting on that one, but today, Kamaiyah has come out with a brand-new mixtape called Before I Wake. On Instagram, Kamaiyah writes, “I felt trapped with my project being held up due to samples I lost my way and decided to take initiative by recording and putting together music for my fans all on my own because I felt it was time.” The new tape doesn’t have any guest appearances, and it also doesn’t feature “Build You Up” and “Successful,” the two early singles she released. Instead, it’s got a low-tech immediacy. On first listen, I hear a ton of the sunny throwback charm that made A Good Day In The Ghetto, Kamaiyah’s 2016 debut mixtape, so great. Stream Before I Wake below.

The self-released Before I Wake is out now at iTunes.

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