Watch Madonna’s Acoustic Cover Of Elliott Smith’s “Between The Bars”

Back in 2013, as a sort of performance-art protest-stunt, Madonna covered Elliott Smith’s forlorn 1997 classic “Between The Bars” at a launch party. It was all a little bit much. But early this morning, Madonna sang “Between The Bars” again, and this time the context was very different. On Twitter, she posted a video of herself sitting down to play the song on an acoustic guitar, late at night, while everyone else in her house was asleep. I didn’t even know Madonna knew how to play guitar, and her style is that halting and uncertain still-learning style. Her camera is set to night-vision, and she appears to be wearing actual pajamas. The whole thing is intimate and vulnerable in ways that Madonna rarely allows herself to be in public, and I find it extremely charming. Check it out below.

You only do this type of shit if you really like a song, right?