Jonny Greenwood – “House Of Woodcock”

Ever since the 2007 masterpiece There Will Be Blood, director Paul Thomas Anderson and Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood have maintained a fruitful collaborative relationship. Greenwood has scored all of Anderson’s movies since, and Anderson returned the favor by directing a documentary about Greenwood’s Junun project as well as a few videos for Radiohead’s stunning 2016 comeback A Moon Shaped Pool, including the evocative clip for “Daydreaming.” Back in October, we heard that the duo had (wisely) decided to keep the partnership going with Anderson’s forthcoming film Phantom Thread. In fact, Greenwood’s already been nominated for a Golden Globe for the score, his first time in the running for the award.

We already heard a bit of what to expect from Greenwood this time around when the Phantom Thread trailer dropped. Now you can preview a bit more of it ahead of the movie’s Christmas Day release. Today, an excerpt called “House Of Woodcock” — a name referring to Daniel Day-Lewis’ dressmaker protagonist’s fashion house in the movie — appeared online. Compared to some of the more unnerving and haunting directions Greenwood favored for scores like There Will Be Blood and The Master, “House Of Woodcock” is a fluttering, elusive piece dominated by ruminative piano and string swells. Check it out below.

The Phantom Thread soundtrack is out digitally 1/12, on CD 2/9, and on vinyl 4/21, all via Nonesuch. Pre-order it here.