Watch Billy Corgan Talk Fatherhood & Perform A Christmas Song On Chicago’s WGN-TV

In recent years, Billy Corgan has made the regrettable decision to appear on Infowars, the online talk show hosted by alt-right nut job and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. But sometimes, he makes more understandable decisions, like when he stopped by Chicago’s WGN for a hometown performance. Corgan did the whole morning talk show bit with the hosts, chatting casually about a few topics, including his new solo album Ogilala and his two year old son Augustus and what Christmas at the Corgan household is like. He also, naturally, blamed the media for the back-and-forth regarding him going by William Patrick Corgan vs. Billy Corgan this year. Before he took off, Corgan also performed “Christmas Dreaming” with Chicago TV personality Jenniffer Weigel. Check out videos of both below.

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