American Pleasure Club – “This Is Heaven And I’d Die For It”

The recently rechristened American Pleasure Club are releasing their first album under their new name, A Whole Fucking Lifetime Of This, in February, and they’ve been sharing tracks from it all month: “New Year’s Eve,” “Let’s Move To The Desert,” and now “This Is Heaven & I’d Die For It.” Their latest builds up to its titled forlornly sweet hook through a blissful congregation of guitars and snapshot narratives that provide a glimpse into a burnt-out kind of deterioration. Listen below.

01 “Florida (Voicemail)”
02 “This Is Heaven & I’d Die For It”
03 “All The Lonely Nights In Your Life”
04 “Sycamore”
05 “Let’s Move To The Desert”
06 “There Was A Time When I Needed It”
07 “Seemed Like The Whole World Was Lost”
08 “New Year’s Eve”
09 “Before My Telephone Rings”
10 “Just A Mistake”
11 “Eating Cherries”
12 “The Sun Was In My Eyes”

A Whole Fucking Lifetime Of This is out 2/16 via Run For Cover Records. Pre-order it here.