Damaged Bug – “Pilot’s Pipe”

John Dwyer, the ever-prolific mind behind psych-rock institution Thee Oh Sees, released three diverse studio albums last year under three different names. Orc marked Oh Sees’ name-change from Thee Oh Sees, Memory Of A Cut Off Head was released under the moniker OCS, and Bunker Funk was the product of Dwyer’s experimental synth offshoot Damaged Bug. Today, he shares “Pilot’s Pipe,” a woozy outtake from the latter record.

The song will be featured on a forthcoming compilation album, Our Voltage. Proceeds from the album will fund legal aid for anti-racist activists and benefit the Haymaker Gym, a new community self-defense gym in Chicago. Dwyer says his contribution was “inspired by King Crimson as far as the mellotron goes, and guitorgan pulling on the sleeve of Eddie Harris…a sci fi picture painted in these lyrics, a sort of post-technology wasteland where veterans of the last war are still fighting over things and ideas that don’t exist anymore in a semi hallucinatory state, unsure of what is reality anymore…” Listen to “Pilot’s Pipe” below.

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02 The Buzzards – “Tennessee”
03 Germ House – “7 Into 7″
04 The Myrmidons – “Christine (Siouxsie)”
05 Damaged Bug – “Pilot’s Pipe”
05 Virvon Varvon – “What Did You Say?”
07 Freak Genes – “He’s Unhappy”
08 Beastii – “Summer of 81 (The Violators)”
09 Mr. and the Mrs. – “Do the Octopus”
10 The Prissteens – “Stupid Nothing”
11 Atomic Suplex – “Who Do You Love? (Bo Diddley)”
12 Bummers Eve – “Marcus”
13 Mr. Airplane Man – “Believe”
14 Germ House – “Showing Symptoms”

Our Voltage is out 3/1 via Girlsville. Pre-order it here.