Dylan Farrow Calls Out Justin Timberlake For Hypocrisy

In the weeks before Justin Timberlake released a music video attempting to brand himself as a woke ally, he rightfully suffered criticism for wearing a pin in support of Hollywood’s anti-harassment Time’s Up movement to the Golden Globes not long after appearing in the latest film by alleged mega-creep Woody Allen. He even made a big show of his enlightenment, with hashtags and everything.

With that in mind, while attempting to be cute on Twitter today Timberlake either stubbornly or naively walked into a stinging critique by Allen’s adopted daughter Dylan Farrow, who has accused Allen of sexually assaulting her when she was a child. The pop star playfully wondered aloud, “Random question: Can someone please explain the saying, ‘You just want your cake and to eat it too.’ What else am I about to do with a cake??” This proved to be an excellent opportunity for Farrow to respond: “The saying means, for example, you can’t support #TIMESUP and praise sexual predators at the same time. You can’t retain your credibility as an activist (i.e. – retain the cake) and, at the same time, praise a sexual predator (i.e. – eating the cake).” Brutal! And totally fair.

Remember when Timberlake released a song called “Take Back The Night” that had nothing to do with the fight against sexual violence? He may well be our most oblivious living pop star.