Tom Brady Is Totally Pretending To Be A Kendrick Lamar Fan

The New England Patriots are in the Super Bowl — again — and earlier this week, as part of the media circus surrounding that event, Tom Brady mentioned he was a fan of Kendrick Lamar. Bleacher Report’s Natalie Weiner, a friend of the Stereogum staff, took it upon herself to further investigate this story. At a press conference yesterday in Minneapolis, where the game is being played, Weiner asked Brady to list off some of his favorite Kendrick songs. The legendary quarterback’s response was… telling:

His last album was pretty great, so — and I heard he’s got a new one coming out, so, uh. You know, I’m in the locker room with a lot of guys, so I hear a lot of different music, and that’s obviously one that I really like, so. I’m a fan of music, and, um, he’s pretty great.

Honestly Brady is not even convincing me he’s heard music before with that response. Decide for yourself below.

The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and as you’ve probably heard, Justin Timberlake — whose new album is definitely not country, how could you possibly think it would be — is performing at halftime.