Justin Timberlake: “Stop Telling Me I’m Making A Country Album”

Justin Timberlake would like to let you know that Man Of The Woods is definitely NOT a country album, despite the fact that the most recent single features Chris Stapleton. Man Of The Woods is out tomorrow, and yesterday was Timberlake’s birthday. To celebrate the occasion, the performer filmed himself getting a haircut and posted the video on Instagram. “I feel like Khaled right now! New song alert! Man Of The Woods!” he shouts, before looking directly at the camera’s lens to share a deeply personal message. “By the way, the album is named after my son. His name means ‘of the woods’ so stop telling me I’m making a country album.” Timberlake’s son is named Silas, which a quick Google search reveals to mean “of the forest” or simply “wood.” Silas is also the name of a Roman Catholic saint. Saint Silas –> Wood –> Justin Timberlake’s Son –> Man Of The Woods. There you have it!