Stream Camp Cope How To Socialise & Make Friends

Stream Camp Cope How To Socialise & Make Friends

“Feminist emo” used to be something of a contradiction in terms. In the genre’s days, the music was just as male-dominated as the hardcore scene that birthed it. In its commercial heyday, it became something stranger: A vastly popular form of rock music dominated by young men singing, largely to young women, about the young women who had wronged them. But now that emo is once again thriving as a strand of underground rock, things are changing, and the Australian trio Camp Cope reflect those changes better than most.

After coming out with an impressive debut album last year, Camp Cope will release their new album How To Socialise & Make Friends next week. It starts with the song “The Opener,” a righteous wail of fury at all the bullshit that the members of the band have had to endure over the years: Tell me again how there just aren’t that many girls in the music scene / It’s another all-male tour preaching equality / It’s another straight cis man who knows more about this than me.” Songs like that hit all the harder because Camp Cope have completely internalized and mastered the dymanics of old-school, late-’90s emo, from the tension-and-release dymanics to the strangulated howl that frontwoman Georgia “Maq” McDonald unleashes on the choruses.

How To Socialise & Make Friends is a fiery, intense piece of work, and it’s one of the best albums that’s come out of that whole emo mini-universe in quite some time. We’ve already posted “The Opener,” as well as the album’s title track. And right now, you can stream the full LP at NPR.

How To Socialise & Make Friends is out 3/2 via Run For Cover.

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