Here Are The Proposed Songs For The Smashing Pumpkins’ Reunion Tour

The (mostly) reunited Smashing Pumpkins have made it pretty clear that when you come to see them at your local arena this year you’ll be getting a proper nostalgia trip, with sets limited to material from the band’s pre-Zwan prime. Now they’ve gone and made it even clearer.

On Twitter and Instagram, Billy Corgan has shared a list of suggested songs to pull from on setlists throughout the Shiny And Oh So Bright Tour. As you can see, it comprises all classics, including a few not by the Smashing Pumpkins such as “Stairway To Heaven,” “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” “Space Oddity,” and “Never Let Me Down Again.” Here’s the full list:

Everything from Ryan Leas’ recent 10 Best Smashing Pumpkins Songs list is represented except “Thru The Eyes Of Ruby,” about which: Billy, think you can throw a Young Classic Rocker a bone?