Behold: Sting & Shaggy’s Shoutout To Vampire Weekend

Behold: Sting & Shaggy’s Shoutout To Vampire Weekend

Earlier this year, we learned the bizarre and fascinating news that Sting and Shaggy have made an entire album together. It still doesn’t seem real, even though we’ve heard the single “Don’t Make Me Wait” and witnessed the Grammy performances. But it’s happening. It’s looming ever-closer.

Like many of us, Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio has been absorbed and befuddled by this news. He’s apparently been posting about it on social media, largely on his Instagram story. And Sting and Shaggy have noticed.

As Pitchfork points out, Sting and Shaggy themselves have sent Baio a personal video shoutout, praising Baio’s band and promising to “have a vampire weekend this weekend.” What does that mean? What does Sting and Shaggy’s version of a vampire weekend look like? I must know! Here’s the video:

Sting and Shaggy’s album is called 44/876 and is out 4/20.

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