Watch Jack Antonoff Talk Taylor Swift, Bleachers Play “Alfie’s Song” On The Tonight Show

Jack Antonoff has been balancing two lives — producing for pop superstars and leading Bleachers, his own band — for long enough that he can now do both things on a single episode of television. Antonoff was both an interviewee and a musical guest on last night’s Tonight Show. First, he sat down with Fallon, talking about writing Taylor Swift’s “New Year’s Day” with her and writing Bleachers’ recent soundtrack cut “Alfie’s Song (Not So Typical Love Song)” with Harry Styles. (I’d somehow missed that Styles was involved with that song.) And then he led Bleachers through a spirited, jangly take on “Alfie’s Song.” For the occasion, Antonoff’s father sat in with the band. Watch the interview and the performance below.

The Antonoff-produced soundtrack to the movie Love, Simon, which feature’s “Alfie’s Song,” is out 3/16 on RCA.