Watch This Woman Beat Gwen Stefani At Gwen Stefani Trivia

Never bet against an obsessive superfan. Gwen Stefani stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday to play a friendly game of “Who Knows Gwen Stefani?” with a self-professed Gwen Stefani superfan who’s been to over 100 of her shows. (Gwen Stefani: “I’ve done that many shows?”)

Before the game of Gwen Stefani-centric trivia began, Stefani herself didn’t seem too confident, admitting to Kimmel, “The thing is, I am basically Dory and I don’t remember what happened to me before, so she’s for sure going to win … I used to know me, yesterday, but I can’t remember.” And as it turns out, she had reason to fear: The fan won.

To be fair, it was a very close game, and a lot of it came to some quick buzzer work. But still, the fan did manage to correctly identify what company Stefani’s dad worked for when she was a kid, which Prince song she’s featured on, and the first song she ever wrote (“Different People”).

As her prize, the fan went home with Gwen Stefani’s purse, sunglasses, and a dress from her actual closet — and she got to keep her “NODOUBT” vanity license plate, which Stefani would have claimed if she had won. Watch the fierce competition unfold below.

In other Gwen Stefani news, Chance The Rapper has been trying to get ahold of her lately. New collab?