Kanye Wears MAGA Hat, Trump Says Thanks

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Kanye Wears MAGA Hat, Trump Says Thanks

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Shortly before his mental breakdown and subsequent hospitalization in 2016, Kanye West praised Donald Trump in one of his bizarre, rambling onstage speeches. Shortly after he got out of the hospital, he met with Donald Trump at Trump Tower, explaining that it was “important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change.”

So even though Kanye later deleted some pro-Trump tweets, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise on Monday when Hot 97 radio host Ebro claimed that Kanye told him, in an off-air phone conversation, that he loved Donald Trump. Still, that was secondhand information, and if you were really determined to give Kanye the benefit of the doubt, you could.

But Kanye himself took that option away today when he took to Twitter to explain his support for his “brother” Donald Trump, which he did mostly by talking about, uh, dragon energy:

You don’t have to agree with trump but the mob can’t make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don’t agree with everything anyone does. That’s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.

If your friend jumps off the bridge you don’t have to do the same. Ye being Ye is a fight for you to be you. For people In my life the idea of Trump is pretty much a 50 50 split but I don’t tell a Hillary supporter not to support Hillary I love Hillary too.

I love when people have their own ideas. You don’t have to be allowed anymore. Just be. Love who you want to love. That’s free thought. I’m not even political. I’m not a democrat or a republican.

And also I’m all the way out the sunken place. And I’m not scared anymore. I’m not scared of the media. I’m not scared of the past and I’m optimistic about the future. This tweet is in love not fear.

Thanks to some prodding from his wife Kim Kardashian, Kanye later added, “I don’t agree with everything Trump does. I don’t agree 100% with anyone but myself.” But that caveat didn’t help much when he went on to post a picture of himself wearing a Make America Great Again hat with former Def Jam exec and current YouTube head of music Lyor Cohen and Universal Music Group CEO Lucian Grainge:

And then this happened:

Now Kanye is out here talking about meeting with Peter Thiel, the known awful person and billionaire PayPal co-founder who backed Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker. (He actually called him “Peter Teal” before deleting the tweet and reposting it again with the correct spelling, because apparently that was the only thing wrong he saw wrong with it.)

Hear that, everyone? Kanye’s optimistic about the future.

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