Watch Run The Jewels Perform “Thursday In The Danger Room” On Colbert

After the day Kanye West just had, Killer Mike’s NRA video doesn’t seem so bad! It’s been an eventful few weeks for Run The Jewels, the duo of Mike and El-P. They wrapped up their opening stint on Lorde’s arena tour, they dealt with the fallout of that NRA video, and they announced that El-P would be scoring the forthcoming gangster movie Fonzo. And then, last night, they reminded the world that they remain an electric live act.

Last night, Run The Jewels served as musical guests on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. They performed “Thursday In The Danger Room,” a song from last year’s RTJ3. It’s a heavy, emotionally intense song about friends who died too soon, and El finished it up by saying the name of his late friend and collaborator Camu Tao. So this wasn’t the antic, energetic RTJ that we’ve seen on so many festival stages and late-night shows. Instead, they were calm and focused. But they still radiated power.

Even years after they started, and even after all the NRA stuff, any Run The Jewels performance is practically required viewing. Their mastery of the stage and their chemistry with one another are rare things. Also, this was the first time I ever saw Killer Mike wearing nerd glasses onstage. Check it out below.

Also, RTJ met the Fonz:

RTJ3 is out now, and you can still download it for free here.