Watch Lord Huron’s Slick, Dressed-Up Seth Meyers Performance

Watch Lord Huron’s Slick, Dressed-Up Seth Meyers Performance

Given the unfolding insanity that we’re seeing in the news everyday, it’s a wonder that a politically-minded comedian like Seth Meyers is making any time for musical guests at all on his late-night show. When Late Night With Seth Meyers aired last night, we’d just learned that Rudy Giuliani had told Sean Hannity that Donald Trump did, in fact, pay back Michael Cohen’s payment to Stormy Daniels, contradicting stuff that Trump himself had said in the past. This was after Meyers taped his show, but it’s just the kind of bullshit that’s happening all the time now. How can Meyers make room for some band when all this is happening? But he’s still doing it. He’s committed.

Last night, Los Angeles folkers Lord Huron served as musical guests on Meyers’ show. And they seized their moment, doing whatever they could to make the performance special. Lord Huron just released the new album Vide Noir. And on the show, they had a string section, horn players, and backing vocalists filling out their sound as they played the album track “Wait By The River.”

But it wasn’t just the size of the band that impressed. It was the showmanship. Everyone in the band dressed up, with the men wearing matching tuxedoes that made them look like the old-school early-’60s entertainers who they sometimes musically recall. Watch the performance below.

Vide Noir is out now on Republic. Read our feature on Lord Huron here.

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