Future – “My Peak” (Feat. Chance The Rapper & King Louie)

Future is a confounding artist — one who has his own well-defined aesthetic lane but who seems to move in and out of periods of inspiration with frustrating fluidity. For a while there, things weren’t going great; Kolorblind, The DJ Esco release that really worked as a stealth Future album, was a total slog. But now, it looks like Future might be moving back into one of those on-fire periods.

Future is doing the soundtrack to Director X’s forthcoming remake of the blaxploitation classic Super Fly. Last month, he shared the new single “No Shame,” and it’s the best Future single in a while. It sounds built from Curtis Mayfield’s classic soundtrack to the original Super Fly, but it’s also very much a Future track, with all the monolithic desperation that that implies. And now he’s followed it up with another strong song.

Future and Chance The Rapper seem like opposites in a lot of ways — one relentlessly positive, the other overwhelmingly fatalistic. But they’ve teamed up before on “Smoke Break,” from Chance’s Coloring Book album. And on Future’s new single “My Peak,” Chance comes in warbling, his tone matched to Future’s, while one of Chance’s Chicago rap peers, the drill pioneer King Louie, issues a commanding verse. Listen to the track below.

It’s not immediately clear whether “My Peak” comes from the Super Fly soundtrack, but that movie comes out in theaters 6/15.