Stream worlds greatest dad get well soon

get well soon is an airtight collection of emo songs, especially for a debut. worlds greatest dad have been kicking around the Atlanta scene for a couple years now, and that shows in how slick and sturdy this thing is. Early singles “laughing (while you’re smiling),” “a song for mogis,” and “cough” have all had hooks for days, and get well soon doesn’t disappoint in providing even more. This band really knows how to lean into a chorus, and Maddie Duncan has a way with enunciating that leaves enough space for an audience to eventually scream each word back.

The song themselves are squirming documents of gradual self-improvement and occasional self-loathing. They deal with low esteem and substance abuse and learning how to love other people while also loving yourself. Duncan alternates between wanting to burrow deeper inside her own head and needing to burst out and be heard; often, those poles are present on the same song, making for some really dynamic swells of emotion. You can stream the whole album in full via WashedUpEmo below.

get well soon is out 5/11 via Deep Rest Records.