Watch Jessie Ware’s Lovely, Luxuriant Seth Meyers Performance

Jessie Ware wore a cape on TV last night. That’s kind of all you need to know, right? Or maybe it wasn’t a cape. Maybe it was a cloak. Maybe it was some type of weird overcoat situation. I don’t know enough about fashion to know what the specific differences between these things are. Maybe she wore some article of clothing with a name that I just wouldn’t recognize. Point is: Jessie Ware looked amazing.

Late last year, Ware, the buttery-smooth and preternaturally poised UK soul singer, released her Glasshouse album. And last night, she was on Late Night With Seth Meyers to sing “Selfish Love,” its lush and sunkissed first single.

At this point, we can trust Ware to turn something as routine as an album-hyping late-night performance into something dazzlingly stylish and luxurious. Her voice was ridiculously smooth last night, which is no surprise, and her band did admirable work at teasing out all the song’s shimmery, Sade-esque layers. And Ware also knew how to turn it into a visual experience, with her band members — all dressed in matching white outfits, with black shoes — offsetting her deep-red ball-gown and whatever you call that cape thing. Watch it below.

Glasshouse is out now on PMR.