Wet – “Lately” Video

Wet have been letting out a slow trickle of new music this spring, beginning with “There’s A Reason” in March and followed by “Softens” in April. Today the breathy Boston-to-Brooklyn pop act have unveiled a third new song called “Lately” and shared details of their new album Still Run.

The track is definitely in Wet’s pristine wheelhouse, a glassy and emotive pop track with a nod to ’90s R&B. Speaking of the ’90s, “Lately” arrives with a video featuring singer Kelly Zutrau posing in a leotard, filmed on what seems like an old camcorder. It’s definitely an aesthetic! However, as usual the audio production values are much higher than the video lets on.

Check it out below, and ponder: Will “indie pop” ever become pop, period?

01 “Still Run”
02 “There’s A Reason”
03 “You’re Not Wrong”
04 “Lately”
05 “Softens”
06 “11 Hours”
07 “This Woman Loves You”
08 “Out Of Tune”
09 “Visitor”
10 “Love Is Not Enough”

Still Run is out 7/13 on Columbia. Pre-order it here. This is the album cover:

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