Chromatics – “Black Walls” Video

Chromatics – “Black Walls” Video

Chromatics’ Dear Tommy has been on our Most Anticipated Albums list for 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. We’ve received a decent amount of tracks that are apparently on it over the years, and the band shared a tracklist for it back when it was first announced in 2014. But last year, we heard reports that Johnny Jewel had destroyed every copy of the album after a near-death experience and started re-recording it from scratch, so who knows what shape it will be in when it finally (?) comes out in Fall 2018. Yeah, you read that right — Dear Tommy is now scheduled to be released in the fall, at least according to a new press release that was just sent out.

To lend credence to the idea that, hey, maybe this is for real this time, Chromatics have shared a brand new song. The song, “Black Walls,” doesn’t appear by name on the tracklist that was previously circulated. But it is classic Chromatics, a swath of slinking bass lines and shadowy corners. It begins with a childlike recitation of colors before Ruth Radelet comes in with her characteristically swirling voice. “Black walls closing in again/ Losing sleep and lost in time,” she sings. “She’ll closer her eyes and unlock mine/ She turns water into wine.” The song alternates between claustrophobia and wide open spaces.

“Black Walls” comes attached to a video that was directed by the band, and it shows them against a backdrop of flashing stage lights. Maybe Dear Tommy is actually coming? Let’s hope so!

Watch and listen below.

Dear Tommy is apparently out in the fall via Italians Do It Better.

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