Blonde Producer Om’Mas Keith Countersues Frank Ocean

Earlier this year, Frank Ocean filed a lawsuit against producer Om’Mas Keith after Keith tried to register co-songwriting credits on 11 different Blonde songs through ASCAP. Ocean denied Keith’s claims, saying that he hired the producer in 2014 to work on Blonde master tracks but that he did not write any of the music, melody, or lyrics to the songs.

Now, as The Blast reports, Keith is countersuing Ocean, saying that he produced and co-write music for many Blonde tracks. The two previously worked together on Ocean’s 2012 album Channel Orange, for which Keith was reportedly paid a flat fee, but Keith says he and Ocean never worked out a specific deal for his alleged work on Blonde. He says he has not received any royalties for his contributions to the album. (Keith is credited as a producer in the liner notes on a number of tracks.)

Keith is seeking unspecified damages for Ocean supposedly using his work and is demanding that Ocean’s lawsuit against him be thrown out.