Zedd Reignites Beef With Diplo

You’d think that superstar dance DJs would get along with one another. After all, nobody else can possibly understand their lives, right? There are, like, 20 people on this planet who are living lives that did not exist 25 years ago, and it would make sense that they’d find some sort of mutual support society. But it doesn’t work that way.

Two years ago, Zedd and Diplo got into it on Twitter. It was really just mostly Diplo going at Zedd, calling Zedd’s M&Ms jingle a “fake Flume drop” and telling Zedd, “Don’t be such a pompous cornball loser also I fucked your girl.” It seemed like they’d gotten tired of sniping at each other after that. But last night, Zedd got things going again.

Max Vangeli, a Moldova-born and San Francisco-based dance producer, had recently opened for Diplo in Hong Kong, and he jumped on Twitter afterward to call Diplo “the biggest pussy dick in the game” and a “clown ass bitch.” He also admonished Diplo for ignoring him backstage at his “pussy ass show,” instead opting to “turn around and talk to another hoe with your Herpy Dick” and advising him that “Skrill left your ass for a reason.”

Zedd responded to that tweet, merely saying that he agrees:

Diplo, meanwhile, found a way to give Vangeli about the most disingenuous apology that I can imagine:

And as for Zedd, Diplo gave him an ultimatum: Delete his Twitter within 24 hours or Diplo is “going full Pusha T on him”:

I think I speak for the entire world when I say that I need to know what the EDM version of “The Story Of Adidon” is.