Culture Abuse – “Dip” Video

In a few short days, the supremely tuneful San Francisco punk band Culture Abuse will follow up their promising-as-hell 2016 debut Peach with Bay Dream, their first album for new label Epitaph. The new album is clean and sharp and very fun, and we’ve posted the early singles “Calm E” and “Bee Kind To The Bugs.” Today, the band shares “Dip,” a third song, and they also prove that they can be great music-video artists.

The new song is a breezy, melodic jam, one that’s closer to Weezer than to, say, Rancid, the musical heroes of Culture Abuse frontman David Kelling. It’s good. But it might not grab your attention as readily as the video, in which the band stars in what amounts to an animated punk zine.

Director Ryan Baxley tells Noisey that he made the video by suspending a piece of plexiglass in the air, effectively turning it into a fake Xerox machine. The video apes the cheap black-and-white style of ’90s zines, and it shows the band, chopped-up and animated, singing into the glass. They also do lots of beer-drinking, spitting, puking, spray-painting, and mashing their faces into the glass — hopefully not in that order. It’s a hell of a fun video, and you can watch it below.

Bay Dream is out 6/15 on Epitaph.