Perry Farrell’s Son Embarrassed To Be Seen With His Dad At Lollapalooza :(

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell isn’t like a regular dad. He’s a cool dad. But there are two types of “cool parent”: the “cool parent” who allows boozy basement parties and leaves dorky comments on his kid’s Instagram, and the “cool parent” who shares overly personal anecdotes and sex tips. After hearing news of Farrell’s holographic porn Vegas show and reading his interview with Rolling Stone, I imagine he is the latter.

Rolling Stone asked the rockstar, Lollapalooza founder, and apparent porn enthusiast if there’s anything that makes him feel old. Apparently, his children don’t think he’s a cool dad. Farrell replied:

My kids do, just because they don’t think I’m that cool. It’s like, they go to Lollapalooza, but they don’t want to walk next to me. That killed me. I’ll go, ‘Let’s go,’ and my boy will be with his friends, and he will stand there and I’m going, ‘Come on, man, let’s go!’ He goes, ‘Do I gotta walk with you everywhere?’ That moment I felt really old, like, damn, I’m not that cool. So I tried everything. I go skateboarding with him, which is all right because I can skate pretty decent, by far the oldest guy there in the bowls.

Yesterday in Dad News, Kofi Baker, the son of Cream’s Ginger Baker, revealed hostility toward his father in an interview about the Cream tribute tour he’s planning with Jack Bruce’s son and Eric Clapton’s nephew. “He’s disowned me so many times in my life. It’s like he’s been dead to me for a long time anyway,” Kofi said. As it stands, Mick Jagger is the frontrunner for Best Rockstar Dad Of 2018.