Death Cab For Cutie – “Gold Rush” Video

Death Cab For Cutie – “Gold Rush” Video

Death Cab For Cutie have announced that they are releasing their ninth album, Thank You For Today, on 8/17. It’s the band’s first without any involvement from founding member Chris Walla, who left the group in conjunction with their 2015 album Kintsugi. And it’s their first album with new members Dave Depper and Zac Rae in the studio, who have been part of the touring band since 2015. The new album was produced by Rich Costey, who also helmed Kintsugi.

The group has been teasing the album over the last few months, announcing fall tour dates and sharing a preview of a new track called “Your Hurricane.”

It turns out that’s not the lead single, though. Instead, that honor goes to “Gold Rush,” which samples Yoko Ono and comes out alongside a music video today. It’s a lush-sounding song with a lot of vocal layering, Ben Gibbard’s voice playing out in conversation with itself through a series of warm harmonies.

It finds Gibbard reflecting on the changing landscape of his Seattle neighborhood and the past’s obsolescence: “Now that our haunts have taken flight and been replaced with construction sites/ Oh, how I feel like a stranger here, searching for something that’s disappeared,” he sings. “They’re digging for gold in my neighborhood, for what they say is the greater good/ But all I see is a long goodbye, a requiem for a skyline.”

In the music video, which was directed by Alex Southam, Gibbard fights his way down a busy street of characters from earlier generations, pushing past pedestrians until he’s eventually overtaken by a throng of smartphone-wielding people.

Listen and watch below.

01 “I Dreamt We Spoke Again”
02 “Summer Years”
03 “Gold Rush”
04 “Your Hurricane”
05 “When We Drive”
06 “Autumn Love”
07 “Northern Lights”
08 “You Moved Away”
09 “Near/Far”
10 “60 & Punk”

Thank You For Today is out 8/17 via Atlantic.

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CREDIT: Eliot Lee Hazel

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