Radiohead Were A Jeopardy! Answer Again, But No One Got It

Radiohead Were A Jeopardy! Answer Again, But No One Got It

If you’re ever a contestant on Jeopardy!, the mere fact that you’re looking at this website might mean you have a leg up on your competitors. Contestants on Jeopardy! only rarely seem to know the absolute most basic shit about music-dork matters. Three years ago, when Jeopardy! had an answer related to a Radiohead tribute album that Stereogum once released, none of the contestants got it. More recently, they haven’t been able to get the Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean clues, either. And now Radiohead have once again left the show’s contestants feeling like they don’t belong here.

Last night’s show featured the truly sublime category Not In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, in which all the clues referred to people who have been snubbed from the Hall Of Fame. That category included the truly painful pun that you see above. Nobody got it. One guy thought it was the Beastie Boys. These people all breezed through a math category, immediately before, like it was nothing. But they didn’t recognize the phrase Kid A. Amazing.

Props, however, go to contestant Scott, who was able to nail the questions on Devo, the Cure, and Motörhead. How do you get them but not Radiohead? Watch it all unfold below.

In related news, Jeopardy! is still an extremely good television show.

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