Two Fyre Fest Attendees Win $5M Settlement For Their Suffering

Fyre Fest is truly the schadenfreude that keeps on giving. The disastrous island music festival getaway was well over a year ago, but its fallout remains ongoing. Founder Billy McFarland (pictured) pled guilty to wire fraud earlier this year and recently had his bail revoked. Now the first of what could be many settlements with disgruntled festival-goers has come down.

Granted, much of the fun associated with Fyre’s meltdown was watching super rich people who thought they were attending a luxury music festival in the Bahamas suffer through refugee-camp conditions, so witnessing those same people receiving multi-million-dollar legal settlements doesn’t have quite the same fizz. Nonetheless, we proceed: Vice reports that North Carolina residents Seth Crossno and Mark Thompson have been awarded a $5 million settlement.

Each plaintiff was granted $1.5 million in compensatory damages plus an additional $1 million in punitive damages, according to Crossno’s lawyer Stacy Miller. They had originally asked for just $25,000, citing the $13,000 they spent on a luxury VIP package promising a “residence consisting of four rooms and a living area,” but during the trial the figure was significantly inflated due to the cost of hotels and flights as well as subjective factors such as mental anguish. Crossno, a blogger who livetweeted his experience at Fyre, is now launching a podcast called Dumpster Fyre and has applied for the expired Fyre trademark.

Miller told reporters, “We feel very satisfied. We asked the court to send a message to those who defraud North Carolina consumers, and we believe he did.” When queried about McFarland’s potential inability to pay up and the long line of injured parties looking to collect money from him, he added, “We feel confident about collecting. I can’t tell you a whole lot about how we’re going to collect it, but we feel confident about it. We have to stay mum on our strategy.”