Menace Beach – “Satellite”

The Leeds duo Menace Beach are turning out to be great at making spiky, spacey pop music that’s informed by decade after decade of cool records. Next week, they’ll release Black Rainbow Sound, their third album. We’ve already posted the early tracks “Crawl In Love” and “Black Rainbow Sound,” the latter of which features Brix Smith, formerly of the Fall. And today, they’ve shared another jam called “Satellite.”

“Satellite” is a fizzy banger built on a cheap drum-machine pulse and a towering keyboard drone. Based on those ingredients, it should sound like Suicide, and maybe there’s a bit of that in there. But the song is full of hooks, and singer Liza Violet sings it with a sweet, unforced simplicity. The contrast between the roar of the synths and the melodic lilt of the vocals recalls nothing so much as prime Stereolab.

In a press release, Violet says, “There’s always been a bit of artistic push and pull between us on the balance of synth noise vs. guitars noise, and the guitars have previously always taken over, probably because we all know now how to make loud guitars sound really exciting in a room. But when we started writing this record I was feeling too much reality in the sound of a guitar and I really wanted to give something more this time. Once I had the sounds in my head I couldn’t really compromise.” You can hear the sounds in her head below.

Black Rainbow Sound is out 8/31 on Memphis Industries.

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