KAMI & Smoko Ono – “Reboot” (Feat. Chance The Rapper & Joey Purp)

KAMI & Smoko Ono – “Reboot” (Feat. Chance The Rapper & Joey Purp)

The Chicago rap scene is heating up again! Earlier this decade, the group of kids who’d come up together, rapping on Chicago’s after-school freestyle circuit, became a loose movement and began to change the face of rap music. That crew has never really gone quiet, but in the past few weeks, they’ve recaptured some of the joyous, conspiratorial spirit that made them so magnetic in the first place. Chance The Rapper, the scene’s one transcendent superstar, showed up on Reesenyem’s giddy “What’s The Hook?,” while Joey Purp, one of the town’s most promising voices, announced his forthcoming LP QUARTERTHING and shared the new banger “Bag Talk.” And now both Chance and Purp have shown up on a new single from their friend KAMI.

In the early days of the teeming Savemoney collective, KAMI was one half of the duo Leather Corduroys alongside Joey Purp. (We posted his Vic Mensa collab “Right Now” back in 2016.) And today, he and the producer Smoko Ono have a new banger called “Reboot.” (I can’t decide if Smoko Ono is a great stage name or a terrible one.) Chance and Purp both contribute verses, which makes this one a Chicago event.

The song is a great little banger, stripped-down and catchy, with a synth riff that reminds me of some of the best club-rap of the early-’00s. All three rappers come off on it, but Chance in particular has a wild and jubilant energy, and it’s the best thing we’ve heard from him in a while. Check it out below.

KAMI’s new project Very Slight is out 9/14. Now where’s that Noname album?

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