Babygirl – “Soft”

Babygirl – “Soft”

OK, this is about to be a point of confusion, so let’s clear it up right away: Stereogum is now covering new acts called Babygirl (a duo from Toronto) and Sir Babygirl (a solo project from New Hampshire), both of whom make music somewhere in the space between indie rock and boutique pop. It’s apparently the next logical step forward after all the Dad(dy) and Mom(my) bands we’ve blogged about in recent years. The circle of life!

Anyway, I highly recommend you check out the Sir Babygirl song we posted last week — the album she’s dropping early next year is ridiculously good — but today the spotlight is back on Babygirl, sans Sir, whose “Over In No Time” we premiered at the beginning of August while announcing their disturbingly apostrophe-free Lovers Fevers EP.

Like “Over In No Time,” the new “Soft” is a dream-pop number with sighing vocals and gleaming guitars, in league with the likes of Wet and Dizzy but also blurry-lens guitar bands like Hovvdy. Babygirl describe their aesthetic as “bubblegum emo,” which works as long as you don’t mistake it for George W. Bush-era Warped Tour fare. The lyrics are deeply sentimental — “I feel soft around you,” “I’m such a mess without you,” “I’m so obsessed about you” — and their musical environment is fittingly gauzy. The chorus is killer, the atmospherics first-rate. It rules.

According to the band, “‘Soft’ is about a love that lets your guard down. And even when life hardens you, and makes you want to put your guard back up, this person gives you a place to be vulnerable and feel the warmth of the world again.” They also expanded on the “bubblegum emo” description: “For this song in particular, we wanted to draw from the simplicity and sweetness of ’50s pop, paired with lead guitars that feel like they could be American Football or Sunny Day Real Estate.”

Listen below.

Lovers Fevers is out 8/31. Pre-order it here.

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