The Lemon Twigs Go To Kimmel

The Lemon Twigs Go To Kimmel

Retro-minded Long Island family band the Lemon Twigs are busy promoting their newly released album Go To School, a rock opera about a chimp raised as a human. Last night, that included a stop at Jimmy Kimmel Live!

On the show, the young D’Addario brothers performed one of the album’s advance singles, “Small Victories,” which they supplemented with another early track, “The Fire,” as an online extra. Neither performance lacked for classic rock guitar action, shameless theatricality, or chest-baring vintage clothing. Michael D’Addario also really threw himself into the air drumming at the top of “The Fire.”

Although this was on Kimmel’s indoor stage, the Lemon Twigs were certainly playing with the chutzpah of a band gunning for that outdoor stage next time around. Foxygen, consider this a thrown gauntlet! The rest of you, watch the band preen through both songs below.

Go To School is out now on 4AD. Sha-na-na na-na na-na-na!

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