Stream BB And The Blips’ Debut Album Shame Job

Stream BB And The Blips’ Debut Album Shame Job

Bryony Beynon used to be in the truly great London punk band Good Throb. Then she moved to Sydney, Australia and formed a maybe-just-as-good band called BB And The Blips. (She’s the BB, obviously.) That’s two great punk bands on two different continents. Maybe one day she’ll get to all seven! I would love to hear her Antarctican punk band.

Beynon, who also has a new solo song called “Black Cardigans” on thew new Fucked Up-affiliated compilation Raise Your Voice Joyce: Contemporary Shouts From Contemporary Voices, is exactly what you want out of a punk singer. She’s hard and brash and snotty and tough, and she sounds like she’s having a blast even when she’s furiously pissed off. We posted BB And The Blips’ demo earlier this year, and it showed a ton of promise. And now BB And The Blips have just come out with their debut album Shame Job, and it makes good on all of that promise.

BB And The Blips play a terse, melodic, spartan form of punk rock — one that has as much to do with the early B-52s as it does with Minor Threat. They’ve got hooky, surf-damaged riffs and big, nasty hooks, and they are not here to take your bullshit. And right now, you can stream the full cathartic album below.

Shame Job is out now on Thrilling Living.

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