Jon Hopkins – “Singularity” Video

Back in May, English producer Jon Hopkins released one of the best albums of 2018 so far, Singularity. Today, we see the music video for its title track, which joins “Emerald Rush” among the visual accompaniments to the album so far.

“Singularity” is the opening song on the tracklist. It’s an alluring entrance to the album, teasing out textures until they shapeshift. In the music video, two strangers undulate and morph their bodies along with the sound. They dance and fight, both in a trance.

In other Hopkins news, he and Daniel Avery recently remixed each other’s tracks. Below, along with the “Singularity” video, you’ll find Avery’s remix of Hopkins’ “C O S M” and Hopkins’ reworking of Avery’s “Glitter.” Check ‘em out.

Singularity is out now on Domino.