Jon Hopkins – “Feel First Life” Video

The UK producer Jon Hopkins makes lush, considered mutations of dance music, and he released the impressive album Singularity earlier this year. Hopkins’ music is good for a lot of things, and one of those things is music videos. I don’t know how directly Hopkins is involved in those things, but his music tends to make for some really, really good videos. Last month, Hopkins shared an excellent clip for Singularity’s title track — an intricate dance performance that turns into a superpowered pro wrestling match. And now he’s got an equally great video for the beatless, ethereal instrumental “Feel First Life.”

Director and lead puppeteer Elliot Dear has put together a vivid emotional vision. The whole video seems to take place after some sort of global extinction-level environmental apocalypse — a poignant setting, especially given this morning’s news. It tells the story of a sentient plant spore that rolls across the planet’s surface and takes over the discarded spacesuit of a dead astronaut.

It’s a sad video and also, finally, a weirdly hopeful one. If you liked Wall-E, you should watch it. If you didn’t like Wall-E, you should get right the fuck out of here. The video is below.

Singularity is out now on Domino.